Welcome to Sea Marvel Solutions (SeaM)

Sea Marvel Technology Solutions was started in 2006 with the goal of providing technology solutions to Medium and Large Businesses. The company helps with Intergration and Developmentent solutions in the CRM space.

In 2008 we branched out into building desktop solftware solutions for business, some of our notable software products are HostEditor and PetResort.

In 2012 we decided to go Mobile and have since been building soluitons to meet the ever growing Mobile Market. Please check out the links on the page to see some of our more successful Mobile Ventures.

Our Products

We still provide project support in the CRM space but have also started focusing on our mobile calling

  • nuQolus - Is a iPad based software that allows Landscape Architects bring life into their designs while sharing their creations with their clients via the cloud.
  • MoblTabl - Is a mobile cloud based ordering system that helps Stadiums and Convention Centers capitalize on an added revenue stream.
  • MapTractions - Is a Mobile park navigation software that ensures an enriched experience for visitors.
  • MoblEar - A free app to help people with hearing disabilities hear the world around them (Targetted for Fall 2014)